Monday, December 26, 2005
I am still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G'day from Vegemiterules,

Just a short note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I will be back soon, miss you all heaps.

Love from "Vegemiterules" xoxoxoxox
I am still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G'day from Vegemiterules,

Just a short note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I will be back soon, miss you all heaps.

Love from "Vegemiterules" xoxoxoxox
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Sunday, October 09, 2005
A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G'day from "vegemiterules"

Hi guys, long time no speak to.

I am still posting from an internet cafe, still no home computer on the horizon as yet sad to say.

It has been over a month since I have had a chance to get online and check out what you guys have been up to, once I post this post, will spend a bit of time and visit and say G'day!!!!

My my, my blog certainly needs some "housework" done on it, links are missing &/or broken, it is in sad need of some extended time and effort to get it running up to scratch again.

I am still struggling with certain issues that I touched on a few months back, it will take some time yet, I am slowly (very slowly, sometimes one step forward then two steps back) working towards a positive outcome (fingers crossed).

Will now leave you with some laconic humour

A Kiwi was hoping to immigrate to Australia. Upon ariving in Australia, he was questioned by the customs officer, "what is your business in Australia?"

"I wish to immigrate" was the Kiwi's reply.

The customs officer then asked, "Do you have a convicton record?"

Confused the Kiwi then replied, I didn't think you still needed one!!!!!!!!!!"

Until next time, take care

Hooroo from "vegemiterules"
Monday, September 12, 2005
Difficulties make YOU a Jewel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G'day from "vegemiterules"

I am still here, still working long hours, hence have not had a chance to call into the Internet Cafe and post for a couple of weeks.

Firstly, my heart goes out to all those that have been effected by Hurricane Katrina. The visions that we are getting here in Australia makes you weep for the victims of this natural disaster, may God bless you all.

On the Anniversary of 9/11, Melbourne-Australia has been threatened to be the next target if you are to believe the video that was released by the terrorists to the World in the past 24hours. They say that they want peace, but it must be on their terms, what in the darnation does that mean??????????????????.

We Aussies are alert but NOT alarmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxx
Sunday, August 28, 2005
Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough, but not baked in the same oven!!!
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G'day from "vegemiterules"

I am still posting from the Internet Cafe, I was going to purchase a new PC this weekend, but I am still concerned about the costs of the painting that I have to have done on my Unit, so will have to wait a couple of more weeks.

Well, what a week, I know that we all need to have leave, but sometimes you wonder when you get back to work. My co-workers were fantastic and tried to cover for me, but they have their jobs to do as well, so I am still catching up.

That leads me on to a conversation that I was having with Philip (my Manager), I have written about him previously actually if you page down you will find a photo of him, I was in his office having a coffee and just catching up about life outside of the work place, when out of the blue, he said that he was thinking about us all the other day.

There are about 30 people that work in the department that I am in, Philip was blown away by how different we all were, from all different walks of life, various ages, yet we all valued, respected and embraced those differences with a genuine affection for each other. He was quite chuffed and felt enormous pride in his department.

Over the past few years there have been many changes, not only in the Job specifications but in the staffing. Sure there have been a few hiccups and a few rank loud mouthed people employed, but they have all been weeded out now, and the the department is very close. But as I told Philip, it all starts from the top and he had a lot to be proud of in himself, we were a reflection of his values, (gee that was a good suck up job done then "vegemiterules"), no seriously, I meant every word. If you have a healthy work environment, it does take the edge off the stress of the job.

On a completely different tangent now, I did not really got into "Lost", but one of my fellow co-workers, he was really into it. We both love Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Mole, so thought that I would support his "Lost" addiction and watch the final show.

All I can say Guys is, if I had invested my time in following the whole series, I would have picked up my TV and threw it out the window, WOT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Well it is 23degrees here this Sunday, I will hang about for a little while and drop in and say G'day to as many as I can, then I have other sheds to shear.

Thank-you for still dropping in even though I cannot be online all that often, your support is valued.

Take care,

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxox
Sunday, August 21, 2005
Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted!

G'day from "vegemiterules"

Well guys it is back to work tomorrow (sob!), my plans for my week off were hampered as I had a relapse of the flu that I have been struggling with for the past 3-4 weeks. But today is the best that I have been feeling physically for the past month, so obviously the past week resting and sleeping has helped me get rid of the dreaded logie.

To get my "sea legs" back persay, went and visited the new Bunnings outlet which just opened this week, it is enormous guys, it is the biggest Bunnings in the Southern Hemisphere. Everyone one in Australia loves Bunnings, you can spend hours and hours there just walking around, you are gob-smacked with all the choice that you have at these outlets.

We "Aussies" are claiming it is so big, that other then the Great Wall of China, the Bunnings store at Vermont, Melbourne, Australia can be seen from the moon as well (wink wink wink).

Went and visited my Mum and Dad last night, it had been quite awhile since I had seen them, we went out for dinner at one of the local pubs and had a lovely meal with a couple of wines. Got home in time to see the last 5mins of the footy between the Melbourne Demons and the Western Bulldogs, the Western Bulldogs were up 22 points with just 5 mins to go, guess what, the Melbourne Demons got up and won by 4 points, it was an absorbing 5mins of Aussie Rules footy.

Now that Big Brother has finished for this season (congratulations to the Logan twins for winning, great effort by Tim to come second), Australian Idol (3) has just started.

I am totally into Australian Idol, I really supported Shannon when he was runner up in Australia Idol (1), had his photo everywhere in my work station (sorry DaFFy), so look forward to how Australia Idol (3) shapes up this season.

At the moment, we are down to the final 30, over the next few weeks, that will be pared down to the final 12 and then the competition really hots up, will keep you informed over the journey.

Well, finally, I want to thank you all for still coming to visit even though I do not post that often, as I have to do my posts from an Internet Cafe, I am hanging out for the time that I do get a new PC, but in the meantime, this will have to suffice.

My posts may at time seem a bit innocuous, but it difficult to really express what is going on in my life when you have people peering over your shoulder all the time.

Until next time, take care.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxoox
Monday, August 15, 2005
Life is rather like a can of Sardines: we're all of us looking for the key!!!!
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G'day from "vegemiterules"

Well how are you guys, I truly miss you all.

I am still without a home PC, depending on certain expenses over the next month, I may have a surprise for you all then!!!!!!!

I am having the spouting, windows, doors and frames painted over the next month, so that is an expense that was unexpected. I live in a stand alone 2 bedroom unit of approx. 14 squares, it has 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining, kitchen, kitchen eating area, 2 car garage, on an estate with (7) seven other stand alone homes, (it is like living in a Court), so it was a Body Corporate decision to get the painting done, I was not prepared for the expense, hence no PC for the time being.

It is a rainy day here in Melbourne at the moment, which is good, we desperately need the rain, as I keep on saying, Australia has been in the grips of a drought for the past 8 years, so any drop of rain is precious.

I had to laugh the other day, I think at times we all think about each other and wonder what is happening in each others lives at the moment. The reason why I say this, since I have started blogging, I have learnt alot about the North America winter and the extremes of temperature you guys go through.

I know that you are going through some very hot temperatures at the moment (we get Good Morning America here), but last Wednesday, Melbournians were excited because we were expecting "SNOW", yes "SNOW", not "SNOW" as you know it, but just white slush.

The temperature plummeted down to 1 degree (which is like Summer in your Winter), it never evenuated, but some towns like Korumburra, in South Gippsland, where I lived, experienced snow, just for an hour, but is was real, how cool was that.

When I was watching the news as they were broadcasting the "cold snap" I thought of my blogging friends that experience real snow, day in/day out, and the freezing temperature you have to cope with in Winter.

Melbourne maybe cold and wet at times, but it would be a walk in the park for you guys from Great Britain and North America.

I am on a weeks leave, finally!!!!!!.

I have heaps to do, but today I am just going to spend sometime here, then off home to plan my week, some of those plans are, spring clean my home, do some gardening, get my car tuned, make a Hairdressers appointment, catch up with Family. It will be a full on week, I have heaps of chores to do around my home.

But today, just for a few hours, I will try and catch up with you all.

Take care, hope to be back soon.

Hooroo for "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxo
Saturday, August 06, 2005
A quick note - I am still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G'day from Vegemiterules,

Well guys I am still without my PC, I am posting again from a different Internet Cafe, it is a bit safer then the first one that I visited.

There are still heaps of young kids and young people here playing games on the PC's, amazing about 16 of them playing the same game on different PC's.

I have been in bed with the flu for the past week, it has been going around the office so it was only time before I succumbed.

It is amazing guys how much I miss my home PC, I did not have one for years and then when I did get one two years ago, never used it much as I was such a novice.

In October 2004 I discovered Blogging and since then I have been addicted to my PC on a daily basis.

All you guys are like my "blogging family" and I miss reading about what is happening in your lives and sharing the blogging experience with you.

Over the past few weekends I have taken a step back into my past and visited the towns where I lived through my life.

It has been an interesting experience, we have all these memories in our mind of what things looked like and how big they where, when in reality they are not what they used to be.

For you Aussies out there, here are some of the places that I have re-visited and re-traced my steps.

Euroa, Violet Town, Strathbogie, Seymour, Ruffy, Longwood, Loch, Bena, Korumburra, Leongatha, Inverloch, Wonthaggi to name a few. These are all very small country Towns in the state of Victoria.

Some of these towns meant alot to me because I lived there or went out and partied in, as a youngster growing up, local townhalls where they had the local bands playing on a Saturday night, following the country football side that I suported and playing netball in some of these towns.

It all brought back lovely memories.

Well guys, I must away, I am now going to try and visit as many of you as I can before my time runs out.

Take care, miss you all

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxxo
Saturday, July 23, 2005
Something to hang your hat on until I can get back online- Miss you all!!!!
G'day from "vegemiterules"

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am fine. My PC has crashed and I am not in a position at the moment to replace it.

I have missed you all dreadfully, at the moment I am sitting in an internet cafe, first time for everything hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It is an eye opening experience).

Quite reasonably priced though, $10 for four hours, so long as you can deal with the games that the younger people are playing and put up with the noise, all cool though, a friendly evironment.

Once I get used to the noise and atmosphere, I may stay here for a few hours and catch up with all your blogs.

I will try and catch up at least once a week via the internet cafe until I can get another PC, in the meantime, take care, be well, I do so miss you all.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxoxox
Sunday, July 03, 2005
I am back, A very special "thank-you" to Troy
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G'day from "vegemiterules"

As you can tell I have not been around for awhile, I have alluded to this before, I am having bad problems with my PC. Sometimes I can be on for only 5mins and bang gone for good, or I can stay online for longer then bang gone for good. My hard drive has been sounding like a truck backing up, beep, beep, beep, honestly I thought that at times I was in a Road Runners cartoon, beep! beep! Beep!

Suffice to say, I am back online now due to my mate Troy.

(Sorry guys, had to take Troy's photo down, it was too big and was puting my sidebar way way way down the bottom.)

Otherwise known as ThE NaShMan

Troy aka ThE NaShMan is a dead set true blue aussie mate!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy told me a really funny story the other day that I hope does not lose the humour to the written word.

As you may have all gathered by now, I am a "true" blonde in every sense of the word, but over the past few months since I have started blogging, I am learning so much about the computer lingo and its application.

Troy was telling me that I am so like his mum, a novice at the start, but willing to learn and enjoy the experience and not be afraid to go where no man has gone before (like the moon - but hey I hear you say that was done in 1969, oops, remember I am "blonde").

Troy's mum rang him as she was having a particular problem with her PC, Troy told her to "right" click on the mouse and go to another step, Troy's mum was taking a few minutes to "right" click and could not see to get to where Troy was trying to guide her.

After about fifteen minutes of not getting anywhere, Troy and his mum decided it would be better if Troy looked at his Mum's computer when they were coming over for dinner that evening.

That evening Troy, his beautiful wife Belinda and their handsome young son Hayden visited Troy's mum for dinner. Prior to sitting down for the family meal, they decided to see if they could work out what was wrong with the computer.

Troy asked his mum to do exactly what she was doing when she asked for help over the phone. His mum turned on the computer and went into the area where she was having problems, Troy was standing behind her to get an idea of what was happening, once there Troy said to his Mum, ok Mum, all you have to do is "right" click.

Troy was then amazed, his Mum opened up a word document and then typed in CLICK, see his Mum thought that Troy was saying "write" click not "right" click!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

What a lovely and funny story. I hope that I captured the humour and affection in the telling.

I am still having problems with my emails, have not be able to access them for over 5 weeks now, that is the next step in trying to get my PC up and running properly, suffice to say at least I am back online for the moment.

I am sending Troy a very special vege hug for getting me this far, if you want to know a bit more about my true blue aussie mate, visit Troy HERE

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxoxoxxo
Sunday, June 19, 2005
My "three" things
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G'day from "vegemiterules"

I have been away all week and have only just got back today. Have been working way too many hours and I am a bit brain dead at the moment.

So for your enjoyment (I hope), I will re-post a meme that I did quite a few months ago, some of the answers are different this time.

I am going to rest up today in preparation for the upcoming working week, and catch up on reading your blogs.

My three things

Three screen names I go by
Oooops did I say "vegemiterules"

Three things I like about myself
Ability to engage all in conversation

Three things I dislike/hate about myself
My fingersnails, I have bitten them down to my elbow
I procrastinate
I am too stubborn for my own good, to my detriment

Three parts of my heritage
True blue Aussie
Touch of Irish from my Dad's side
Touch of Scottish from my Mum's side

Three things that scare me
Looking back at myself in the mirror
Losing my sense of humour

Three of my everyday essentials
Did I say coffee

Three things I am wearing right now
High heels (wink wink wink)

Three of my favourite bands/singers at the moment
John Farnham
Curtis Stigers

Three of my favourite songs at the moment
Turn back time - Cher
I'm outta love - Anastacia
The Power - Vanessa Amorosi

Three things I would love to try
Audition for the Amazing Race (sadly they do not have an Australian version)
Bunge jump

Three things I would want in a relationship (love is a given)

Two truths and a lie
I am/have been suffering from clinical depression for the past 10 years
I really do hate vegemite- peanut butter rocks!!!!
I completed the Big M Marathon (26 miles 385 yards)

Three things I just cannot do
Change a light bulb without standing on a chair
Looking down from high
Looking up from down

Three of my favourite hobbies
Writing in my private journal
Did I say blogging

Three things I want to do so badly right now
Speak with S and G (miss them dearly)
Get in my car and drive and drive and drive just to see where I would end up
Finish this post so that I can go to the toilet (Haha)

Three careers I am considering
Rocket scientist
Stand up comedian

Three places I would love to visit on holidays
New Zealand

Three things I would love to do before I die
Try and make a difference and make the world a better place for all
Reconcile all differences in my life
Live a full and happy life without any regrets

Well my friends, I am outta here, going to put the coffee pot on and catch up with some fascinating bloggers, have a great week.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxoxo
Monday, June 13, 2005
The Google-Image Meme
G'day from "vegemiterules"

Have seen this around the blogging world, so thought that I would give it a go.

You go to google images and type in a question, this is what I did and here are a few that I found.

Where I was born

Image hosted by

Where I spent most of my childhood

Image hosted by

Where I live now

Image hosted by

One of my nicknames

Image hosted by

My favourite colour

Image hosted by

My favourite animal

Image hosted by

My favourite drink

My favourite singer

Image hosted by

I hope that you all enjoyed the brief "snapshot".

Enjoy the rest of your week, catch up with you when I can.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxo

Saturday, June 11, 2005
Vegemite or Peanut Butter? What a dilema-both famous Australian icons-but of course "VEGEMITERULES'' all the time ;) That is a given!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comG'day from "vegemiterules"

Firstly, thank-you so much for taking the time out to read my challenge "An affair to remember - Summer in Paris 1949 - My Memoirs of a love now long lost, but never forgotten" and for leaving your kind comments, very much appreciated. I now pass the baton on to someone else that is willing to take up the challenge, who is willing???????

One such kind visitor, the very famous and witty Gene from Old Horsetail Snake asked the following "Someday when you get a chance, can you tell me (us) what "vegemite" is?. Is it sold in the USA. Is it as good as Peanut Butter?".

Well Gene , Vegemite is loved and eaten by all Australians. It has been part of the Australian culture since 1923. In 1923 Fred Walker discovered and made vegemite. Vegemite is made from brewers yeast - the worlds richest known natural natural source of vitamin B. It originally came in a 2 ounce jar called "pure vegetable extract".

Walker ran an Australian wide competition to offically name his spread, the winning name was Vegemite and in 1923 Vegemite first graced grocers shelves. It was described as delicious on sandwiches and toast. Also improves the flavour of soups, stews and gravies.

Image hosted by

Australians took vegemite to their heart, and in every Australian home you will find a jar of Vegemite. Over 22 millions jars of Vegemite are sold in Australia every year. Every Australian that goes overseas, always takes a jar of Vegemite with them.

Every one of our fighting forces since 1923 has had vegemite as part of the staple provisions that they had to carry with them in their survivor packs.

We Aussies love to play tricks on unsuspecting overseas friends, like telling them to spread it at least 3 inches thick on bread or toast. You should see their faces when they chop down, it is a sight to behold.

Did you know that every Aussie baby has vegemite spread on his/her pacifier/dummy fact or fiction?????????

Vegemite is sold in the USA but is so expensive, a lot of Aussies get their supplies shipped from home, it is cheaper to do it this way.

I will kill two birds with one stone here, the lovely and thoughtful Raehan from Agog and Aghast asked "Do you ever eat peanut butter instead of vegemite?/ and would you tell us if you did?"

Image hosted by

Peanut Butter has always been made by Australians right here in Australia using 100% Queensland nuts.

Raehan I adore my famous cousin Peanut Butter. We get together occasionally on a girls night out and spread ourselves around, extolling our benefits as a nutrional spread that can be enjoyed by all.

I have been guilty of ocasionally enjoying the taste of Peanut Butter, but I have to be true to myself and say that "vegemiterules".

I hope that you all have a great weekend, and enjoyed this piece of trivia.

Thank-you to Gene and Raehan for asking the questions, I hope I answered them both in part for you.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, June 05, 2005
The result of my challenge!!!!!

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G'day from "vegemiterules"

Well guys, I have finally finished the masterpiece, An affair to remember - Summer in Paris 1949 - My Memoirs of a love now long lost, but never forgotten. I invited you to all challenge me in writing a story around your contributions, I have over the past five hours written just on 5,000 words, so put the coffee on, pull up a comfortable chair and hopefully stay long enough to read the story from start to finish.

I had no idea of where to start, or any direction in my mind when I started, I just let the story tell itself. It was so much fun to do and hopefully I take you along a fantasy journey with me as you read.

Because of the size (5,000 words), I have had to post the story in several posts, I have closed the comments on the posts, so if you care to comment, please come back and comment on this post.

I look forward to your thoughts and I hope that I have done all 46 of your valuable contributions, justice. Yes I had to write this story to include 46 different contributions, all of which were hard to include in the story, some more then others.

Hooroo from a very nervous "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxo

An affair to remember - Summer in Paris 1949 - My memoirs of a love now long lost, but never forgotten -Part One

Image hosted by

I was 23 years old that fateful summer in Paris. I had just finished work and was scurrying along the Boulevard and in a split second, my whole life changed forever.

In my hurry to get back to my apartment prior to dusk, I slipped and started to fall heavily onto the cobblestoned pathway. I immediately let go of my handbag and placed my hands in front of me, tensing my body, preparing myself in the anticipation of the searing pain that would fill my body and mind as I hit the sharp uneven cobblestones.

I felt helpless as I saw the cobblestones rising to meet me, berating myself for hurrying along in the dusky mist that had left a dangerous moisture on the Boulevard for those not of sturdy steps.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw these strong masculine arms reach out and catch me just milliseconds from me hitting the walkway. He struggled to keep me upright, I felt him gather his strength in his body as he took all my weight in his arms, and lifted me back onto my feet.

We stood like that for what seemed like eternity, he with his arms around me from behind, we were as close as two spoons. I could feel his heart beating on my back, his short breathes of exertions on the back of my neck, the ardelian was still running through my body, so in a moment of relief, I relaxed and leant back into the arms of this stranger that had saved me from my fall.

He relaxed and gently released me from his arms and I took a step forward and slowly turned around to thank this kind Samaritan. As I raised my face to look at him, I inwardly gasped, he was the kind of man your mother warned you about, tall, dark sexy and dangerous

He was about 6’4’’ tall, broad shoulders, dark shoulder length hair, tied back off his face to reveal deep blue eyes framed by long thick eyelashes, his full pink lips were slightly parted in a knowing smile to reveal beautiful white teeth. He was wearing a black suite with a black cape tied just under his manly chin, to keep out the coolness of the setting sun.

As he released her from his arms, he sighed, the warmth he felt flowing from her body, had awoken him to the beauty of the setting sun, the rays of which were reflecting back at him as captured in the softness and beauty of her waist length blonde hair. As she turned and raised her pixie shaped face, he stifled a sigh. She had a light in her eyes that shone like water through a gossamer veil.

In that fleeting moment, they both realized, there was a very strong sensual electricity between them, where it would take them, only time would tell, it was a decision each of them would come to regret in time.

In silent communication, he took her by the elbow and guided her towards a destination unknown to both of them.

They sat quietly at the sidewalk cafe, sipping their coffees and nibbling their croissants while avoiding each other's glance; both couldn't help wondering who would first utter the words they had been dying to say since the moment they met.

He then uttered the first words I know that I should have asked for vegemite on toast, these croissants aren’t as tasty as I thought they would be. Her eyes flickered with excitement, her thoughts precisely, she was dying for some Kimichi, her mother had always told her kimichi tastes better in France.

The cafe was crowded, sitting at the table next door, was a dour woman, we both noticed her as she had just called out quite loudly and in a most arrogant fashion waiter there is a fly in my soup, she was now leanong on the table with a slow burning cigar in a cigar holder resting in her hand, the look in her eyes was one of centempt, at her feet sat a miniature poodle dressed in a diamond encrusted coat, I said "Parlez-Vous Anglias, Dammit" don't stick your nose up at me, with that the dog jumped up and clamped his teeth on my booted ankle, the dog just wouldn't let go, my mysterious stranger leapt to his feet and prodded him off my ankle, in doing so, some of the diamonds on the diamond encusted coat broke the dogs skin, it itched and it itched, and when he scratched it open, he knew that he would never live the same way again.

The woman stubbed her cigar showing off her fingers each of which were dripping in diamonds, shrieking at the top of her voice as she left the café, “the dog is now spoilt merchandise and no longer perfect, I am leaving him here”, the waiter ran after her, with the poodle under his arm “…but wait, you can’t do that, it’s illegal”

We both turned, and look into each other’s eyes, “hello” he said in a voice that made me want to melt on the spot, “my name is Marcus”. I lowered my face in embarrassment, hoping he did not see my girlish flush at the sound of his voice. I answered hoping that I could control my breathlessness “my name is Kathleen”. The ice had been broken, the dam was now flowing.

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Part Two

Over the next hour we talked about our life journeys to this point in time. Marcus had been brought up in orphanages as he was abandoned when he was 6months old. It was during these formative years when he was reaching out for friendship to replace the love of a family that he never knew, that his loving nature was misread by some of the people that came into and out of his life. Some of his male friends took that loving nature and wanted to make it theirs. Marcus was touched to think that they saw something in him that they fell in love with, but he gently told them that all he was seeking was friendship. He said to one such friend please don’t say it is me, why do I keep turning guys gay to which his friend said, you have a special gift, a gift of love and life emanates from your very soul, all who meet you, male and female, fall under your spell.

As they were sitting there sharing journeys from their past, the reflection in eyes of the Eiffel Tower made her love him even more. Kathleen was falling under his spell.

Kathleen was married, had been for the past five years, to a man whose only way of making it through life, was through an alcoholic stupor, Kathleen only found this out about him after they were married, her marriage was waning but she had made a commitment just that morning, to her husband, to try again and see what the future held. She knew deep down, that her husband was a kind man that was fighting inner demons, but yet she yearned for the touch of a strong man. Now here she was, not less then twelve hours later, sitting in a sidewalk café, falling in love with a man that she had only just met. Her mind was racing with guilt, her heart was palpitating with expectation and desire for this stranger called Marcus.

Marcus stood up and silently offered his hand as if reading Kathleen’s mind, knowing that she was falling under his spell lead her inside to the tiny dance floor. There was a three-piece band playing slow melodic music, the lights where turned off, 100’s off candles had been lit to give the ambience of romance and love.

He slowly drew Kathleen into his strong arms, drew her head down so that it nestled in the small of his shoulder, draped his hand around her slender waist and drew her closer and closer until their bodies where as one, like fireflies, they danced in the night.

They both became so involved in the moment, their eyes only for each other, feeling their bodies melding together under the influence of the lilting music they did not realize that they were the only couple on the floor. All the other couples were sitting at their tables, smiling back at them with knowing looks, reliving and revisiting their experiences with their partners by watching the moments that were being revealed by Kathleen and Marcus as they discovered their insatiable lust for each other.

As they became aware that they were the focus of everyone’s attention, Kathleen and Marcus sat down in the back booth, far away from prying eyes, they wanted to savior this moment on their own. A bottle of wine with two long stemmed glasses was presented to them both as they sat down, a gift from one of the couples. Kathleen was very thoughtful as she sipped the ruby red wine, she wondered how it ever got to this point.

Marcus was looking into her dark brown eyes shaped like almonds, and his intuition was telling him that Kathleen was struggling with her feelings for him and for her husband. He decided to put his heart on his sleeve and asked Kathleen back to his apartment. They both knew as soon as the words where out there, what this invitation meant.

He stood up and came around behind her, drew her chair for her, placed his cape over her shoulders, clasped her hand in his, and walked out into the crisp fresh air of the early evening. Marcus and Kathleen knew there was no going back now, the anticipation of what the evening ahead held for them both, raced through their bodies.

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Part Three

The warm early morning sun streamed through the window, reflecting off their naked bodies. The pastries they nibbled on in bed that morning where no were as sweet as the love they had made the night before.

Kathleen struggled off the bed, realizing that her night of wild and unyielding passion, had kept her from her husband who would be worried as to her whereabouts (that is if he was sober). Marcus slowly stood up and walked towards her, held her in his arms as she silently wept. Kathleen was overwrought with guilt. Marcus raised her lips to his, and in an all consuming kiss they both understood that this may be the last time that they could be together.

Kathleen wrote in her journal after that fateful night as we strolled long the Champs Elysee he slid his hand down my back, he cupped my waist and pulled me closer. My head was buzzing, filled with the memories of our night together. This was the longest walk of my life from Marcus’s apartment to my home. I wanted it to last forever.

After Marcus walked her home, Kathleen turned the key in the lock of her apartment, not knowing what was going to greet her the other side of the door, she held her breathe and silently slipped inside. She was not prepared for what she saw, her husband in the act of making love to another man. A loud sob passed her lips, her husband and his lover immediately drew up the sheets to cover their nakedness, the sheets were still warm, but her words where full of ice is this the reason why you have to drink to make love to me, that you really hunger for a man to make love to.

Her husband and his lover immediately jumped from the bed and hurriedly dressed while following Kathleen out to the sitting room. They found Kathleen sitting on the lounge, a look of acknowledgement on her face. If she had been honest with herself, she should have seen the signs a long time ago, she knew her husband was having internal struggles, she was just heartbroken that he had not had the courage to tell her. She truly loved her husband as a fine human being, and had only ever wanted what was best for him in his life.

The three of them sat in a circle, their arms around each other, it was within this conversation that Kathleen learned of her husband’s daily meeting with his lover. It was a small corner café, they knew that they would be risking everything if they were seen together but their love knew no boundaries.

Kathleen confessed about her night with Marcus, and told her husband that because she was married, told Marcus to go away, he was leaving Paris that very day, as he was heartbroken that he could not have her. Her husband encouraged her to seek Marcus out and tell him that she was free, and to follow her heart, as he was now going to pursue a life with his lover.

He packed his things, told his lover to wait for him in the café, turned around to Kathleen and for the last time, took her into his arms. The warmth and affection that passed between Kathleen and her husband, was true and genuine. Even though they were never meant to be lovers, they were meant to be friends.

Kathleen stood at the front gate as watched as he walked down the cobbled street, into the sunlight and out of her life.

Marcus was devastated that the woman of his dreams Kathleen, decided to return to her husband, but in his heart of hearts he knew that this was the best thing for them both. He had had difficulty in the past remaining true to his previous lovers, he had such an insatiable desire for making love, it was difficult for his lovers to maintain the frequency of his needs. But in their night of wild un- abandoned lovemaking, he felt that he had met someone that could match his appetite, this being Kathleen.

He had lied to Kathleen, he had told her that he was leaving Paris that day because he could not have her in his life, that was partly true but the real reasons where that his previous lovers were still chasing him as he had fathered two children within these relationships and he could not afford to maintain any form of support for them. This did not stop his lovers from perusing him and making life difficulty for him.

Then he saw her sitting at the table in one of the little pavement cafes, she had not seen him so he had a moment to reflect on what he saw. A beautiful young woman in the prime of her life, blonde wavy hair to her waist, bountiful bosom, full red lips and a touch of colour in her cheeks. Her face was once of concentration as she was reading the daily newspaper with a coffee to her side on the table.

Kathleen had decided to search for Marcus and tell him of her love for him and that they could now be together. She had decided to grab a coffee prior to doing so, and in the meantime was glancing through the local newspaper. This is where she learned who Marcus really was and why he was really leaving Paris that day.

The mother of one of his children, desperate to get in contact with Marcus, had taken out a full page advertisement in hope of making Marcus realize his responsibilities not only to her but to his previous lovers. It was a very honest and open letter and anyone reading it would think that Marcus was an unfeeling cad. Kathleen could not marry what she was reading in the paper with the previous night of passionate lovemaking.

Marcus had been so kind and gentle, encouraging her and giving her belief in herself, feeding her self confidence as a woman in control of her sexual needs. Made her feel safe to abandon her shackles and enjoy without feeling inhibited and taught her to demand what she wanted to make her feel like a woman.

She was now unsure of how she felt, as these thoughts ran through her mind, a man’s shadow fell over the table. As she ran her fingers through her long hair to get it out of her eyes, her eyes traveled up the strong torso, taking in the broad shoulders, to rest on Marcus’s face. He was smiling in acknowledgement as their eyes met.

Her heart skipped a beat, a 1,000 butterflies leapt alive in her stomach, she licked her lips to relive their last kiss. She knew what she was doing was wrong, that it would come back to haunt her, but she was powerless to stop the passion she felt every time she was in his presence.

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Part Four

Marcus drew up a chair and sat across from her, drawing in her beauty and her smell, he slowly reach across the table and gently took her hand in his. They sat like this for a few moments, unaware of the world passing them by, relieving in each other’s eyes, the night that they had spent together, nothing else matter in that moment.

As the day wore on, they decided to stay and have a lovely dinner together. Their love of fine food, fine wine could only be surpassed by breakfast in bed and what they ate, that is best left unsaid as demonstrated from this morning when they awoke from their night of passion. As a matter of fact, they didn’t eat again until dinner.

All this time Kathleen was having a struggle with her mind and her body. She had just read the newspaper, she knew that Marcus had responsibilities and commitments, that he had not made a clean break from these relationships, and therefore was not a free man to make a lifelong commitment to her. Her slate was clean, she was free as a bird, but her body was internally writhing in anticipation of another night of lovemaking.

It was at this time that Marcus stood up to get the attention of the waiter, as he did so, he knocked his coffee into her lap., burning her thigh, she stood up and ripped off her skirt, only to reveal his worst nightmare Kathleen had hidden the newspaper in her skirt, the newspaper spilt to the floor, laying open at the very page that revealed Marcus and his past.

Kathleen in her embarrassment immediately fled from the café and hailed down the nearest taxi. Marcus stood rock still for a fleeting second, all his past relationships came flooding back to him, he was overcome with emotion, he berated himself for not being open, not only had he lost the love and respect of the people in his past, but his two children would read this paper and believe all that was being said.

He was not a bad person, he was a man that had difficulty in owning up to responsibility, he honestly believed that his good looks and charm would get him through the tough times. He had no money, he could hardly support himself, let alone his two children, but he was too proud to let anyone know, hence they all thought that he was a cad.

Yes he had an insatiable appetite for sex, but in his own mind, he never made anyone do anything that they never wanted to do. They came along for the ride with him, no questions asked, no promises given, now he was being hounded like a criminal.

He immediately snapped out of his quandary and realized that Kathleen had fled the café, he raced out the door after her, throwing some money on the counter as he flew out the front door, he spotted her getting into a taxi cab, he reached the cab just as it was leaving the curbside, wrenched open the door and leapt inside.

Kathleen immediately recoiled to the other side of the cab, her eyes were overly bright and wide open, she was trembling her thoughts were racing. Marcus reached out for her, and enveloped her in his arms, stroking her hair, he apologized that she had to find out about him this way.

She immediately melted into his arms, her heart was full of forgiveness, they would work it out she would make him realize that he had a responsibility to his children and the children’s mothers.

She already lost her husband, friends though they will always be until death snuffs out their candles. Marcus was her lover, her soul mate a man worth fighting for.

At that moment, the taxi rounded the corner and had to immediately brake to avoid a cyclist, as the car swerved off the road, the two lovers held onto each other with all their strength Marcus thinking that their life would end there and then, whispered in her ear, I love you, you are the pinnacle in my life, I have obtained all that I thought was pure and true with you. Kathleen was seeing her life pass before her eyes, she had been in a sexless marriage for 5 years, she yearned and wanted more, she deserved more up until she realized she could save herself by tossing him out the door that flew open that thought stayed in head for just a split second.

God was testing her resolve, had been her devils advocate, she knew that something was growing in her womb, even after just one nights of wild abandonment, she had opened up every inch of her pore to Marcus, every inch of her being, this man was the father of her unborn child.

They held each other tightly, their hearts beating as one, if they died as one, great, if they survived this they would be as one in the living world.

The taxi slid slowly, a tree appeared out of nowhere, the taxi came to a boneshaking halt, they were safe, everyone was fine, the engine sputtered, the radiator burst into a steam of hissing, as it had been penetrated by the limb of the tree. The taxicab was stationery they were alive.

The three of us, Marcus and I, along with the taxi driver, sat in silence, all three of us were reliving the experience, approaching voices disturbed us we all looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief, we were alive and well.

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Part Five

Because of the near death experience, Marcus decided to try and repair his previous relationships and stand up and be counted in his children’s lives. This meant that he did not have as much time for Kathleen as he should. But at 3.15 every week day afternoon, she knew that Marcus would walk through the door, envelope her in his arms and kiss their baby daughter Louise-Maree on the cheek.

Kathleen was very lonely, she lived for those precious few moments at 3.15pm, but she needed to make a decision. To wait forever while Marcus sorted out his life, or to move on and find someone that would love and cherish her 24hours a day. Either way, Marcus would forever be in her heart. How would she ever forget him, when every time she looked at those precious blue eyes of her baby girl, she thought of him.

Over the ensuing months Marcus’s visits became less frequent, but their moments of unbridled passion where becoming more urgent and wild, it was as each of them where thinking, this maybe the last time, this moment in time will have to last for ever.

Finally Kathleen could take it no longer, their lovemaking took her to the brink every time, she yearned for more and more, Marcus’s visit where becoming less regular, and the time spent in these visits was becoming shorter and shorter. She decided that she needed to confront Marcus and make him make a decision.

On that fateful day Kathleen took her stand, she demanded that Marcus decide as to where he was going in his life, she laid her feelings out for him to see. Marcus got down on his knees and begged for more time, he profoundly declared his love for her. He wanted Kathleen to wait a couple more years until his other children had grown up and then he would be free to live a life with Kathleen that she so thoroughly deserved.

Kathleen was devastated, she was still a young woman, she had put herself on hold for this man, no-more, she decided that after this one last night of passion, she was going to ask Marcus to move on, so she could live her life and seek happiness, not live a life of loneliness.

The following morning Kathleen told Marcus that she and her daughter could no longer live this way, she asked Marcus to never attempt to contact her again. He was quite welcome to visit their daughter at a prearranged time and place, but as far as any relationship between herself and Marcus, that was now over.

In his heart of hearts Marcus knew that he was not treating Kathleen the way that he should, he sadly retreated from her life. As the door closed for the last time after Marcus, Kathleen said to herself why is that ‘the one who got away is always the one who got away with your heart?

Kathleen felt movement in her womb, in that moment she realized that she was pregnant with Marcus’s second child, for one fleeting second she thought about chasing after Marcus and taking back her words, but she straighten her back, determined to get ahead in life.

After a long and painful labour, Jean-Luc was born, he was the image of his father, as Kathleen nursed the infant on her breast, she looked at him and said I now sit in the ashes of my life, wondering what it might have been like, had he not walked out, or if I had taken the time to stop him.

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Part Six-The finale

Years passed quickly, Louise-Maree had grown into a beautiful woman, she had traveled overseas as an au-pair, while living on a sheep station in the middle of Australia, she met and fell in love with a jackaroo called Snowy. Snowy followed Louise-Maree back to Paris and they had married and settled down with 3 beautiful children.

Every Sunday Louise-Maree, Snowy and the children, would visit Kathleen and they would spend the day together. One Sunday Snowy phoned Kathleen and he advised her that he was heading own to the pub as they just got a satellite dish installed and they were showing the Fitzroy Vs Carlton game live from Australia. Snowy was an avid Carlton supporter, he had converted everyone in the family over to Aussie Rules Footy.

Jean-Luc was the spitting image of his father, long dark hair, strong broad shoulders, dark blue eyes, he had excelled at school and was now the head editor of the Paris Times newspaper. Much like his father, he had difficulty in maintaining relationships, Kathleen tried to gently guide him along the right path, but like us all, she knew that we all have to walk our own road.

Kathleen was now a widow after marrying Philippe. She met Philippe just after Jean-Luc was born, he was a kind, caring and generous man, he offered her a safe haven and was a wonderful father to her two children. Philippe was a gentle love maker, always willing to please Kathleen, she loved him even more for this, because he was aware of her relationship with Marcus and all that encumbered.

Philippe had left Kathleen a wealthy widow, she wept for months after his death, his death was slow and painful from cancer, and he did not deserve to die that way.

Through the years Kathleen often thought of Marcus, wondered where he was, what was he doing, was he happy. Unbeknown to Kathleen, Marcus was also working at the Paris Times as a writer under the puesodom of Michel, he gave advise about relationships in a Heart Balm column. He was quite well known and his advise was held up as gospel because of his open and frank comments.

Marcus worked closely with Jean-Luc, they had over the years become fast work colleques, neither knew much about their respective personal lives, their friendship was based on a professional relationship

Over the years Marcus gradually got his life together, he paid for his children schooling and played a big part in their life, he was now a Grandfather of 5 adorable children who were the apple of his eye. He never forgot Kathleen, he never found anyone else like her, try as he could to forget her so that he could concentrate on building a lifelong relationship, he always failed. He ended up living on his own, feeding his life with the memories of Kathleen and that fateful summer in Paris back in 1949.

I was about to end the story here, but by coincidence, fate played a part in placing Kathleen and Marcus in each other’s path again

Jean-Luc and Marcus were having a quiet larger, discussing the issues of the Paris Newspaper when their conversation, for the first time, gradually turned into more personal aspects of their lives. Within this conversation Marcus learnt that his Kathleen was Jean-Luc’s mother and that she was now a widow, his heart leapt into his mouth. He pronounced his undying love for Kathleen to Jean-Luc and asked if he could have her phone number. Marcus was going to give it one last try, to win back the hand of the woman that truly made him feel alive as a man.

Kathleen was feeling introspective and decided to go for a drive to clear her head. Her thoughts where about Marcus she longed to feel that lust again. As she drove along the countryside their song started playing on the radio. Her first reaction was to turn it off, but instead she turned it up and wept as she remembered their love affair that summer.

Through her tears the road was blurring, she was having visions of driving off the cliff to stop the ache in her heart but then she got a call on her cell phone, and it was him.

She pulled over to the side of the road, her hands were trembling, she slowly put the phone to her ear again, the first words that she heard him say was that he was sorry and that he wanted to come back forever.

Kathleen just sobbed, she could not talk, the love, nay the lust of her life wanted to come back into her life. Then his next words where I love you, and then she started to cry I love you to.

Marcus said that he wanted to see her now, Kathleen was stunned and whispered I just…can’t she was afraid that she had grown old and the chemistry would not be the same.

He then said to her, "remember that cafe where you ripped off your skirt? Lets meet there"

Why can’t you come, we love each other he said.

She then said because I am driving in the other direction 300 miles away.

He then said, I’ll wait, just wake me up when you get there, and don’t laugh if you see me drooling on the café’s table.

Kathleen asked Marcus where he got her number from, Marcus then told her of his friendship with Jean-Luc, and how Jean-Luc had encouraged him to contact her. As a matter of fact Jean-Luc was sitting in the café with him, waiting to witness the reunion.

Her heart leaped inside her chest, did he know that Jean-Luc was his son. Kathleen sat there silently, this is the moment that she had been living for since Marcus walked out the door never to return, she felt the 1,000 butterflies come alive in her stomach again, she licked her lips in anticipation of his lips on hers in a passionate embrace.

She then started to laugh, and said, “I’m on my way”, then quickly turned her car around, and drove with the biggest smile on her face, with tears, who knew what the future held for them both, so long as they both had the opportunity to have one last long night of uninhibited insatiable lovemaking, Kathleen would die a happy woman.

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Saturday, June 04, 2005
I have sheds to shear !!!!!!!!!!
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G'day from "vegemiterules"

Well what a week, this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to post since Tuesday.

Work has been full on and I have been getting home at all weird and wonderful hours. The long hours just go with the territory, you either put in and go that extra mile to achieve your KPI's, or close your eyes and cross your fingers and hope for the best.

It is 6am, I am having some vegemite on toast and a cuppa coffee for brekky and then I am outta here for the day.

I will be be back with "An affair to remember - Summer in Paris 1949 - My Memoirs of a love now long lost, but never forgotten" later on this evening.

I will also over this weekend, call in a say G'day to all the people that have commented on my previous post - thankyou one an all.

Hope that you all have had a good week, and have great plans for your upcoming weekend.

Well, I am out the door, have sheds to shear.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxox
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Thank-you Michele xoxoxoxox
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G'day from "vegemiterules"

I would love to give a big cyber vege hug to Michele for making me site of the day.

You could have blown me over with a feather (a damm big feather at that), when I got home tonight and logged on to catch up with my blogging friends, what do I find, Michele has kindly directed old and hopefully new friends my way.

Michele has a terrific site where she encourages people who visit, to engage and visit each other.

Over the past few months, through Michele's site, I have meet so many interesting and friendly people.

I thoroughly recommend anyone who has not had the chance to visit Michele to do so now by following this LINK , you will be welcomed with open arms by a very gracious host.

Suffice to say, for the first time the vege is lost for words (I will pretend that I do not hear any snickering in the backrow after reading this statement - wink wink wink)

While you are here, I hope that you feel comfortable enough to have a look around, I am only sorry that I do not have something savy to say at the moment.

Michele I am mighty chuffed, THANK-YOU.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxoxoxox
Monday, May 30, 2005
I have created a Monster!!! - All "my" own doing though

G'day from "vegemiterules"

Boy do I have my work cut out for me now. I threw down a challenge and I have been challenged from the four corners of the world, I thank you all and give you all a vege hug.

I have now closed the comments on the previous two posts, I have had over 40 contributions to our fantasy story "An affair to remember - Summer in Paris 1949 - My memoirs of a love now long lost, but never forgotten".

I now have to get my thinking cap on and write a story around your contributions, I have created a monster!!!!!!!

I aim to have the story posted this weekend, please bear with me, regular guests to my blog know that I work long hours plus have a long travel time to and from work.

I am excited about the prospect, and I cannot wait to see what comes out of this blonde brain, of one thing I am sure of though, it will be unique.

In the meantime, I will continue to drop in and say G'day to you my online friends, I may even post another post or two, but my committment to you, is to have it written for this upcoming weekend.

I will contact the people that have contributed, the day I post our Fantasy story, personally on your blogs, so you can cast a critical eye over the finished product.

Have a great week, catch you in cybersphere somewhere.

As an aside, I am having trouble seeing my blog again through IE and Firefox. I cannot see my banner where it quotes the "vegemite song", is anyone else having trouble viewing my blog, I would appreciate if you could let me know.

Well I am off to spread some comment cheer, then I will write out all the contributions, and try and get some sketch in my mind as to where I want to take this story, wish me luck, I need it.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxo
Sunday, May 29, 2005
"What happens if you get scared half to death - TWICE?????
G'day From "vegemiterules"

I am going to be honest here and say that this is a shameless plug to try and get some participation in my previous post.

Feel free to scroll down and leave a contribution, I have issued a challenge to myself, I will leave it open now until 2359hrs Monday 30/5.

On a sad note, an Icon in Australian TV, died in his sleep this week at the age of 71. I will over the next few days devote a special post to "The King" - Graham Kennedy and express my disgust with "Shock Jock" Derryn Hinch.

Well, I am off to tout for some contributions to my previous post A "vegemiterules" challenge - is this a good thing or a bad thing, only time will tell!!!

I invite you all along for the ride, it should be fun, we could all be famous one day, a publisher could pickup the rights to the short story (cough cough cough) and I would then share with everyone that contributed, a percentage of the royalties!!!!

Hooroo from a very shameless "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxo
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
A "vegemiterules" challenge - is this a good thing or a bad thing, only time will tell!!!

G'day from "vegemiterules"

I was thinking that I would like to do something here to expand my brain and encourage others along the way to to have some fun.

I have borrowed an idea from Mike at Senior Thinking. He had this great idea to involve people in participating in writing a short fantasy story.

The premise is, I will give you a Title for the story and then ask that anyone that wants to participate, to write one sentence that they would like for me to weave into the story.

I will then take all your creative contributions, and write a story around them, quoting your words verbatim.

Sounds like fun????.

The title of the story is "An a affair to remember - Summer in Paris, 1949 - My memoirs of a love now long lost but never forgotten"

I would love it if you could particpate and leave your one sentence in the comment section, the sentence that you would like me to use, could you please quote in " "

I will leave this challenge to me, open until Saturday (aussie time) and will post the result on Sunday (aussie time). (Up-date 28/5-Will leave this challenge open until 2359hrs Monday 30/5)

Mike rose to the challenge, you should check out his posts for 28/4 when he posted the idea, and the fantastic effort he did when he revealed his story on the 2/5.

I do not dream of being as articulate as Mike but I would like to have some fun, even though at the end of the day that maybe at my expense.

To watch the Vege squirm, and have a little harmless fun, please leave your contribution in the comment section. You are more then welcome to leave more then one contribution over the following few days.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules"
Saturday, May 21, 2005
You win some, You loose some, but in the end, it is not about Winning or Loosing, it is about how you play the Game
G'day from "vegemiterules"

Hi guys, I would firstly like to thank-you all sincerely for visiting Lou and saying G'day, I was touched, I can only imagine how much of a difference you have made to Lou and his dad Luc, again a big THANK-YOU.

As you can tell, I have not been online much this week, did I hear a "thank heavens" then, hmmmmmmm, looking around (wink wink wink).

Still working those long ridiculous hours, but with all the hard work that I have been doing, I am finally kicking a few goals - YEAH!!!!!. I will end up as full-forward for the Collingwood football club yet, the way that I am going at the moment (heh heh heh). - Now DaFFy no comments from the peanut gallery please!

I took time out to watch the Finale of Survivor, even though this is days after the event, I thought that Tom was a worthy winner. I was so disappointed when Geoff just walked into the arena in the live show, where were the speed boats, jet skis, machette, I mean to say, Com'on.

I wagered a bet this week with my Manager - aka Philip, (the photo below was taken Christmas 2004 when I played Santa Claus for the office, that is Philip sitting on my knee)

The bet was, if Philip's side lost, he would serve me a morning tea of my choice, if my side lost, I would have to sing his club's theme song in front of everyone in the middle of the office.

I was pretty confident. I was salivating over what I could order for morning tea and how it would be served to me, I am a pretty devious little Vege at times, so I took the bet on. Well I lost the bet.

Was dreading to go to work Monday morning, what did Philip have in store for me, I pondered about this all the way to work, pondered as I was waiting for him to arrive, he arrived, no comment, discussed work, no comment, had a coffee, no comment, finally after 3 hours of no comment, I broke ranks and went and asked him what he was up to.

He quitely smiled at me and said that I would have to wait until the next day, he just wanted to saviour the moment, (I have to inform you here that his side has not had much luck over the past couple of years, but this season they are looking good).

Tuesday comes, sitting at my desk, concentrating so hard on my screen, was not aware that the whole office and the other departments had gathered into our department, all of a sudden I hear this voice say to me, well KC, let's hear it.

I turn around to these sea of faces, full of expectation, Philip sitting quitely to my left, with a silent smile on his face, all of a sudden my adrenilian starts to flow, I am shaking in my boots, the time has come to pay the bet!!!!!!

I gulped, my heart was beating fast, my hands were trembling, I know that I am the office clown and people expect all different and weird behaviour from me, but to hear me sing, they were all looking at me with such great expectation.

Well guys, you will be please to know, that I took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and gave the loudest, best rendition of the Richmond theme song, known to man. (Unknowingly to Philip, I had re-written the words, so I sang that one first), that brought the house down, and then to make up for taking the micky out of Richmond, I sang the offical theme song with as much gusto as I could muster.

I am pleased to say, standing ovation all round, a beautiful smile from Philip and a lovely kiss on the cheek for job well done, I felt great because I kept my end of the bargain.

I have learnt my lesson though, no more betting on the footy, I am only going to make a complete fool of myself ONCE!!!!

Take care all, have a great weekend, as an aside, my team won today, they beat the team on top of the ladder that was undefeated up until they met the all conquering Magpies, go Caringbush.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxo
Monday, May 16, 2005
Everyone has music in them. Only the talented have the ability to share it with the rest of the world

G'day from "vegemiterules"

I have a very special friend listed on my sidebar that I have sadly neglected badly the past few weeks, much to my chagrin.

His name is Lou and his site is called Lou's Diary - A little Prince, not quite like others.

Lou is 6years old, has been blind from birth, he was born with Sepo Optical Dysplasia - a very rare congential malformation, one case in 10 million, called Orphan Disease.

Lou's opening message to Read me is

My name is Lou, I am 6 years old (5 years when this story begun). I am blind from birth, profoundly different in my head. My daddy decided to create this website to share with you the slightly crazy experience of my discovery of life

Lou's opening message to Lou's Diary is

I am a little boy who only sees right with his heart. Which doesn't make my parents daily life any easier. So I'm blind and different (mentally speaking).

Lou's Diary is being written by Luc, Lou's dad, I invite you all to visit Lou and spread some love and support. He and his family are so very special, there are photos and beautiful snapshots of Lou's life, why not place a link for Lou on your sidebar, so that you can call in and say G'day at your leisure. Once you have visited this special little man, your life will be changed forever, that I guarantee.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxo

17/5-Update-I would really like to thank everyone that has taken the time to call in and say G'day to Lou. I will thank-you all in the comment section when I come back online. He is a beautiful young man, with such a loving family. They all deserve to be cherished. If you haven't had the chance as yet to visit, you are truly missing out witnessing a very special LIFE JOURNEY
Saturday, May 14, 2005
Why is "number" abbreviated as "no"? When there is no "o" in number?

G'day from "vegemiterules"

I thought that I had my throat cut this week, I have not been able to come online until now as my PC carked it. Thanks to my mate Troy, I am back and up and running again - YEAH.

I did not realise how much I had come to rely on my PC, every morning I would log-on about 4am, with my breakfast of vegemite on toast and a steaming mug of coffee, catch up on some reading for about 45mins prior to getting ready for work. Then after dinner in the evening, with my one glass of red wine, I would spend about 2 hours, dropping in and saying G'day and maybe write a post of my own.

I really missed having that option this week, so the Aussie heart heart that I have posted here, goes to Troy for giving me back the opportunity to come back online, thanks Mate!.

To my fellow bloggers, what would you do if your PC carked it, would you have withdrawal symptoms because you could not come online to say G'day and share with us a snapshot of your day?

Suffice to say, now I can make up for some lost time and catch up on my reading and dropping in and saying G'day to my blogger friends, and especially, to thank all you kind people that posted such lovely comments about my Mum, to say that my Mum was chuffed, is very much an understatement.

By the way, Survivor is on tonight, they are televising the second last episode tonight so that we will be on par with the show's viewing in the USA, then on Tuesday night we will see the Finale, I cannot wait to see who wins.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxoxo

update-We have just seen Caryn voted off for opening up a can of worms, on Survivor, that leaves Tom, Ian, Katie and Jenn, if you watch Survivor, who do you think will win? - I have just posed two questions in one post, I am multiskilled - cough cough!! (wink wink wink)
Monday, May 09, 2005
It's a great satisfaction knowing that for a brief point in time YOU, yes that is YOU, made a difference.

G'day from "vegemiterules"

I want to give a heartfelt thank-you to everyone that commented on my previous post about my Mum.

I have printed off that post and your comments and have put them in a special gift to my Mum when I take her out on Wednesday night for dinner.

I told her yesterday (Mother's Day) that I had written a very brief outline of her life on my blog and that I had received many loving comments regarding her, my Mum was so chuffed, so I thought that I would present this as a surprise gift to her on Wednesday.

I just wanted you all to know that you have made my Mum's day, and wanted you to know that my Mum wanted to thank-you all as well.

Again, to all Mums out there, where would we be without you, you give us unconditional love, the best gift of all, I will do my best over the next few days to get around to you all, and give you a cyber hug from me and my Mum.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxox
Saturday, May 07, 2005
There is a place in our heart reserved only for our Mum, and no-one else on Earth can fill that space!!

G'day from "vegemiterules"

This is a short post about my Mum and her life as tomorrow Sunday 8th May, is her day.

Mum was 2nd eldest in a family of 9 children, her Mum died when my Mum was just 19years old. Mum's oldest sister was married then, so it was left up to my Mum to look after, in every sense of the word, 7 siblings raising in ages from 4 years old to 16 years old. Mum's father had died years before and her Step Father was an alcoholic (to this day my Mum blames her Step Father for the death of her Mother) and had no interest in the family, he mainly lived in a humpy at the back of the home, living in his own mind in an alcohol stupor. When he passed away I am sad to say, no-one really cared.

When Mum and Dad married, the 7 siblings were fostered out to extended family. Over the next 7 years Mum gave birth to me and my two brothers. Mum always worked, Dad was in and out of work in the early years, (trials and tribulations of living in a one horse town), doing other peoples housework, working in a greengrocers, as a kitchen hand in a canteen. Never one to sit on her bum, always on the go. Some of the housecleaning jobs meant that she had to cycle 10miles to the next small town, with my youngest brother sitting in a basket on the front handle bars, Mum was one tough cookie.

Sadly out of Mum's 8 siblings, there are only 4 still with us. One sister died in childbirth, another sister was mudered (shot dead by her husband while she was sleeping), another sister died of breast cancer. One brother died of bowel cancer.

Mum is now a proud grandmother of 8 grandchildren, and devotes all her energies to them, her remaining siblings, gardening and Dad.

A poem for my Mum xoxoxox

You mean so very much to me,
And I want you to know
That you are always in my heart,
No matter where I go.

You're always giving, always there
To help in any way;
The loving things you've done for me,
I never could repay.

I can't imagine what I'd do
Without the love you give.
I'll treasure your sweet heart of gold
As long as I shall live.

I would like to also wish all the Mum's out there, a happy Mothers day for tomorrow Sunday 8th May, a Mother's love is unconditional.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxo
Friday, May 06, 2005
Sugar and Spice, and all things Nice - A baby Girl!!!!!!!

G'day from "vegemiterules"

Please welcome into the world

Mackenzie Maree

Born Monday 2/5/2005 at 1120am after 70 hours of labour, weighing in at 3.635Kg, length 52cms.

Sincere congratulations to H & B, you have certainly earnt a rest B, enjoy the next 2 weeks with H being home on leave, I look forward to hearing more H when you come back to work.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxo
Tuesday, May 03, 2005
A Wise Man can see more from the bottom of a Well, then a Fool can see from the top of a Mountain!
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G'day for "vegemiterules"

Heavens, I have posted nearly every day for the past few days, what is happening here?

For those that have been reading my posts for the past few weeks, will realise that I opened up a little about where I was in my personal life. I was really touched by the kind and generous support afforded me by your comments and emails, you will all be forever in my heart (and I am still answering some emails - just have to find the rights words). I was encouraged to believe that this is a safe place to open up and talk about the real person who lives in the vegemite jar - me!! and not be judged in any way.

Well for all of you that supported me, I have some positive news to share, today I opened up to a very special friend about something that has been haunting me for ages, (baby steps, baby steps), and I feel as if some of the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I must admit that I found it very difficult to initiate the conversation, but I had made a decision over this past weekend, to tackle one problem at a time, and today was the day.

Just digressing for a moment guys, I actually support and sponser (in a listening ear way) people who are going through a rough time, within a support group that I speak at. Sometimes though the supporter needs support, if you get my drift.

After this baby step today, I feel uplifted that this special friend, already knew in his heart what I was going to say, but he was just waiting for me to say it. It was up to me to step up to the plate, and today, I stepped up to the plate!!!!

What I am trying to say here, is do not let anything fester, speak up, deal with it, somethings are not as bad as they seem. We cannot change the past, but we can change today and the future.

I hope that you do not think that I am being too abstract here, but the issue that I discussed today was very personal and I do know that certain friends and family read my blog, so I will not air the specific issue here.

Suffice to say, even though I feel dead tired, because of the emotional rollercoaster that I was on today, I feel elated because one issue that I was holding onto in my heart, is now out there and will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

I do not know how to end this post, words are running through my head at a million miles an hour, but I will share this with you, I will sleep soundly tonight.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxox
Monday, May 02, 2005
Do Stairs go Up or Down????

G'day from "vegemiterules"

Every now and again I will post a picture of my various homes from times past for your comparison, these were produced in 2003 reflecting some of the images on the labels of various old advertising campaigns since Vegemite was invented in 1922. These are a collectable item now, every Aussie has used an old Vegemite Jar as a favorite glass to drink out of when the Vegemite had been devoured - those were the days.

Just while I have got your attention, can anyone tell me how to downsize a bmp. picture into a jpg. picture, I would appreciate any help that you can give me, I have some photos that I would love to share, but they are bmp.files and Hello only accepts jpg.files.

I have had a lovely weekend, had some family and friends over for a barbie, caught up with some friends and met some new and interesting people, all within the blogging community. The only downer was that my beloved Collingwood was beaten by St. Kilda over the weekend, oh well as they say in the classics, there is always next week.

Well, I have other sheds to shear, so will catch up with you all later, hope that someone can help me with converting bmp.file into a jpg.file.

Hooroo from "vegemiterules" xoxoxox

Name: Vegemiterules
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

G'Day "World", welcome to my Blog! I am a concentrated Yeast extract, one of world's richest sources of Vitamin B.
The product of my jar has been proudly made in Australia since 1923. 'VEGEMITE"!!!!.

When I am not being "vegemite" I am a typical "Aussie" sheliah. I am proud to be Australian, people would say that I am kind, caring, friendly and have a typical "laconic" sense of humour.

I will be writing this blog describing the life of "vegemite" in a jar and the life of a typical "aussie" sheliah.
I invite you to share the journey, and in doing so I hope that you get a good laugh.
Laughter is the best medicine, oops sorry "vegemite", "vegemite" is the best medicine.

Anyway, have fun, feel free to make any comments and email me your thoughts.
Look forward to your Company along the way.
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