Saturday, October 30, 2004
my morning as "vegemiteinajar" continues
As you would know by now, I am much loved by my "littlest human being" friend, once he realised that I was nearly empty, he proceeded to let out a "loud"wail that immediately caught the attention of his sleeping parents in their master bedroom upstairs. In one fowl swoop they both jumped up out of bed, clambering to find their slippers and dressing gowns that they had both placed beside the sides of their bed, slippers on the floor and dressing gowns drooped over the back of the red velvet sitting chairs in their bedroom. Dad's dressing gown was one of those old fashion ones (it was given to him as a present to mark his manhood at becoming 21 all those years ago, by his dear and much loved Grandfather, who had since passed away silently in his sleep). It was made of a thick texture of wool and looked like plaid. It was checked and had black roles of binding around the lapels, facings, of the dressing gown, as well as on the cuffs of the sleves. It did not have any buttons, the only way to make sure that it did not fall open to reveal his white boxer shorts with the pictures of "vegemite jars" on them, and his black t-shirt with a long ago ACDC concert details emblazed on it, was to tie a platted cord with black tassles, around his waist.
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Name: Vegemiterules
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

G'Day "World", welcome to my Blog! I am a concentrated Yeast extract, one of world's richest sources of Vitamin B.
The product of my jar has been proudly made in Australia since 1923. 'VEGEMITE"!!!!.

When I am not being "vegemite" I am a typical "Aussie" sheliah. I am proud to be Australian, people would say that I am kind, caring, friendly and have a typical "laconic" sense of humour.

I will be writing this blog describing the life of "vegemite" in a jar and the life of a typical "aussie" sheliah.
I invite you to share the journey, and in doing so I hope that you get a good laugh.
Laughter is the best medicine, oops sorry "vegemite", "vegemite" is the best medicine.

Anyway, have fun, feel free to make any comments and email me your thoughts.
Look forward to your Company along the way.
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